Department of Public Works

Department of Public Works
58380 Victoria St.
New Haven, Michigan 48048
(586) 749-5301
Ext.  211 

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  • Responsible for the maintenance of water, sewer, and storm catch basins.
  • Repair all water main breaks, any season, any time of the day.
  • Frozen meters and water pipes.
  • Repair water services to houses and install services to newly built houses.
  • Maintain entire sewer system throughout the community.
  • Install all water meters, and get readings of usage from each home and business in the community.
  • Repair any excavated sites from work they perform.
  • Equipment includes: Backhoes, trenching equipment, large and small dump trucks, jet trucks.
  • Maintain and repair fire hydrants and valves.
  • Cross connection inspections
  • Water Quality reports


  • Snow and ice removal on all city streets.
  • Street sweeping
  • Maintain all city street signs, installation, removal, replacement, etc.
  • Temporary repair of streets. (Cold patch material)


  • Responsible for any and all maintenance for Village owned buildings.
  • Maintain parks in the community.
  • Responsible for cutting and maintaining grass for Village owned property.
  • On 24-hour call to perform snow & ice removal around municipal office building and parking lots.
  • Set-up for all city special events.

 When does DPW plow streets?

  • The DPW will start plowing when snow accumulates 3 or more inches.
  • Trucks will salt all major streets and around schools after 1 inch.

Facts about water main breaks:

Main breaks can happen any time of the year, but the majority will break during the colder months when frost enters the ground and cause ground shifting. Also water pressure changes from warmer to colder months.

Winter-related Ordinances

What can residents due to assist the plow crews?

Residents can do the following to help maintain clearer streets in winter:
  • Don't shovel/blow snow from driveways and sidewalks back onto streets because it creates dangerous ice patches.
  • Clear the lump of snow at the end of your driveway (but not back onto the street).
  • Don't park on the street after a snowstorm.
  • Keep fire hydrants in front of your property clear of snow and ice.
  • When driving, give salt trucks extra room.
  • Beware of approaching snowplows as snow can be thrown and may contain rocks and other road debris.
  • Allow for extra driving time in inclement weather.
  • Be a good neighbor and lend a hand to those in need.

To report a pothole on local roads, please call the Road Commission for Macomb County at (586) 463-8671 . To report a pothole or street maintenance on a local road, please call (586) 749-5301. If you experience damage to your vehicle, please contact your auto insurance carrier.


If you see a street sign down or damaged, please call (586) 749-5301. Please make sure that you have the type of sign (stop sign, street name sign, etc.) and exact location including cross streets before you call.


Meet Your DPW Superintendent
Public Works Superintendent

Marcuz Dilbert, has been with the Village of New Haven DPW since 2004.  He was appointed to the position of Superintendent in April of 2013.  He earned his B.S. in Business Administration (concentration in Management and Marketing) from Grand Valley State University in 2002.   Marcuz is a certified drinking water operator with S2 (Water Distribution) and D4 (Limited Treatment)-well testing) licenses through the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, as well as certified in the following areas:  Confined Spaces, A1I Storm Water, and Cross Connections.  He is also an active member of the American Water Works Association (AWWA), and the Project Management Insittute (Great Lakes Chapter).  

He oversees and approves maintenance and capital programs for existing infrastructure, as well as planning for infrastructure.  As superintendent, Marcuz also provides advice, guidance and policy recommendations to Village committees and the Village Council.  He manages, coordinates and leads the Department of Public Services activities and personnel, including operating, maintaining, repairing, and providing capital construction for all Village infrastructure.   

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