Village Treasurer

Amanda Stein, Treasurer
586-749-5301 ext. 216

TERM 2020-2022

The Village Treasurer is the administrator of all Village matters relating to finance, insures the fiscal integrity of the Village of New Haven by maintenance of all financial records and collection, investment and disbursement of all Village funds.

The Treasurer maintains custody of all Village funds and keeps an account of all Village receipts and expenditures in compliance with the uniform system of accounts issued by the state Treasurer's Office .

The Village Treasurer is responsible for recording the collection of all other revenues, e.g. fees, recreation fees, permits, etc. The Village Treasurer processes payroll for Village employees and oversees all bills to vendors for purchased goods and services.

The Treasurer is also responsible for the village payment of all village expenditures; and maintains compliance with the Village's Investment, Procurement and other financial policies.

The Village Treasurer reports periodically to the Village Board of Trustees, handles the periodic issuance of debt (bonds and notes).

In addition to periodic audits by the State of Michigan Treasurer's Office, the financial statements of the Village are periodically audited by a third party auditing firm.