HydroCorp LCC Public Awareness & FAQ

Residential Cross-Connection Control Program

Ensuring Clean, Safe Drinking Water and Regulatory Compliance is
New Haven's top priority.

For years, New Haven has complied with an important Regulatory Water Safety Compliance Program known as Cross-Connection Control.

HydroCorp has been contracted by New Haven to assist with the Cross-connection Control (CCC) Program. The CCC program includes two parts: On-site inspections and testing of existing backflow prevention assemblies. The HydroCorp inspector will be conducting a visual inspection of the water uses outside of your home (outside spigots, lawn irrigation system, secondary sources of water, pools, etc.) to identify cross-connections that could possibly contaminate your drinking water or the public water supply.

All water customers (residential and nonresidential) connected to the public water supply are required to be inspected for cross-connections. Due to the total number of homes that shall be  inspected, not all inspections can be completed in 1 year. Therefore, the New Haven program is a 6-year program where all homes will receive the first inspection in any 1 year from 2021 thru 2026.

You DO NOT need to be present for this inspection. HydroCorp WILL NOT be entering your home and they will only require access to your front and backyard. The HydroCorp Inspector will also walk around the perimeter of the house to observe exterior hose connections and (if applicable) lawn irrigation system backflow preventers.