Fire Department

New Haven Fire Department Mission Statement

 "As a team of highly trained and dedicated professionals, it is our mission to provide the highest standard of service to all those who may seek our help. We are a service provider, and we stand ready to provide fire suppression, fire prevention, education, rescue services, and emergency medical care. We will faithfully provide these services promptly and safely to any person that resides in, works in, or visits the Village Of New Haven."

Celebrating 140 Years of Service!

"Professionally Staffed by Volunteers since 1880"

Command Staff

Fire Chief - Robert Brazee
Assistant Fire Chief -
 Daniel Stier
Captain -William Musilli (Senior Field Training Officer)
ieutenant - William Goward (Training)
Sergeant/Safety Officer - Derek Wegner

Paramedic/ Firefighter Cindy Brazee
EMT/ Firefighter Jacob Kling
EMT/Firefighter Christopher McGartland
 Paramedic/ Firefighter Chris McGuffin (Fire Inspector)
EMT/ Firefighter Josh Woodruff
FF/EMT Les Petitpren
Probationary Paramedic/FF Tyler Eng
Probationary EMT/FF Derek Wood
Probationary  EMT/FF Angelic Parker
Probationary  FF/EMT Tara Johns
Probationary FF Robbie Randall
Probationary FF/MFR Chris Harrison

Medical Team

Paramedic David Brady
 EMT Mark Colley
Probationary EMT Shelby Krapp
Business Phone Number 586-749-9351
Non Emergency number 586-749-5121

Fax Number 586-749-8976
Email us at
Emergency dial 911
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New Haven Fire Department